426My last post had us arriving at Kennedy Meadows Resort.  (Not to be confused with the Kennedy Meadows Resort in the south.) Kennedy Meadows has a pack station, store, restaurant and saloon as well as a tent camping, RV camping and many cabins to rent.  They also have laundry facilities.  Yay!  Most of the cabins are new and the first night we stayed in one of these.  The prices are very reasonable and I thought it would be a great place for a family to have a get together.

The gang was now just the four elders as both Legs and Flash had to return to their everyday lives.  We enjoyed the place and tried to find things to do.  It was kind of weird not walking.   We ate and drank a lot.  Prime Rib the first night.  Yummy.   We had a rollicking tournament of horseshoes that got down to Naked Dave and Mark.  It was a  close game, but Naked Dave won.  The finalists were hilariously entertaining.  They would wag their bottoms and jump in the air and bump bellies shouting “bully”.   Laughter was infectious and filled the air.

We ran into the Australian hikers, Trevor and Jackie, and had time to sit and chat more.  Jackie was an outdoor educator at the university level and Trevor a retired General Practitioner who had also written an adventure travel book about kayaking in Russia.  Mark and I have since read the book and loved it.  It’s on Amazon and called, Paddling Through an Enigma: Whitewater Rafting and Mountain Journeys in Siberia and Middle Asia.

425This is Rose Cabin.  The oldest cabin on the place built-in the late 1800’s. It was like entering into a time portal. Loved it.    They don’t regularly rent it out, but the gang of four got to share it for the second night.   (Although Mark and I slept outside because as well as being seeped in history it’s seeped in smoke).