“Un broche de Oro,”  I heard the deckhand murmur as the sun sank into the sea, and while the sun was a vivid gold, it was the sky and clouds that captivated my eye.   Flaming orange, lavender,  indigo and varying shades of red were splashed across the mysterious heavens above and below.  Incredible.   The world seemed stilled and I felt part of an elaborate painting.

It was our last day in Costa Rica and we splurged on a sunset sail.   Little did we know that we would almost have the 47 foot sailing vessel to ourselves as only one other couple signed up.   I cried when the sails were unfurled.  I stood in the front and in my heart I called the dolphins and miraculously they came leaping joyfully. Later, with the sun’s colors bleeding into the ocean the humpbacks gave us a visit.

“Good sail,” the captain later said to us as we traveled back to land under a starry sky and indeed it was.