Pretty Girl

This little mare is a beauty and when riding with another horse (if she likes them) she is nice to ride.  Otherwise she is a basket case.  Lately I’ve ridden or led her, after much persuasion and patience on my part, a short distance away from her herd.  There I will give her hay or grain and we will just hang out.

Always looking for her horse friends

Even with her food in front of her she looks back.  Never really content to just enjoy her meal in peace.  She doesn’t seem like she feels safe or secure in her own skin.

Worried Eyes

In the beginning she totally freaked out by herself.   I thought she was just an obstinate, psychotic horse and I’ve had her on Craigslist a time or two.  We got interested phone calls, but no one came out.  I’m glad now. I’ve learned she is just worried and anxious and she is teaching me a lot about myself and my lack of ability to sit quiet and do nothing while she eats.

It’s hard.  There are lots of things that need doing and the energy in my body sometimes almost seems to have an audible buzz.  While walking is the best way to soothe my mind and quiet my soul,   I think it is good for me to learn to relax my mind in stillness.   The seventeenth century philosopher Blaise Pascal even thought that ninety percent of the problems of humankind stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room all by ourselves.

The mare is improving.  I have hope now that I can help her overcome her herd bound issues and she can help me learn to be calm, quiet and patient.