Calves popping out left and right around the ranch and I have been driving the main roads for 2 or 3 hours every other day, feeding the ladies and checking to see if there are new offspring.  And,  today the sky was dramatic.

Lots of time to just think while I’m driving the bumpy, dirt roads.  Politics have been on my mind.  How could they not be? I sometimes wish I could be a party line gal, or could at least claim a party.

I remember turning 18 and going in to register to vote.  I didn’t have any idea of how our system of parties worked because I had graduated High School early and missed civics.  There were these two old codgers doing the registration and I can still remember the way they described the parties, and the way they didn’t quite agree with each other.  LOL.  Basically they said the Republicans were for big business and small government and the Democrats were for the regular people and more government interaction in social support systems.  Hmmmm.  I decided to register Independent.  I think because I thought I was an independent kind of gal.  I had no idea that Independent was an actual party too.  Years later Mark and I both registered Non Partisan as it allows us to choose which primary we get to vote in and because we don’t feel particularly affiliated with either party.

Mark and I  have friends from both sides of the political spectrum and while we fall more on the conservative side for issues such as abortion, we fall on the liberal side for issues such as socialized medicine.  We want to save the babies and make sure they can get care after they are born.  I suppose we could be called moderates and we mostly stay out of the political dialog.   But this big country needs everyone’s views to be heard, and I guess that means our voice too.   Hence this post.

A lot of folks I know just seem to believe and  vote their party line and listen to the news that best supports their world view.  Fox for the Republicans and I suppose maybe MSNBC for main stream Democrats. (Since I’ve moved here I’ve discovered Progressives and they would consider MSNBC way too main stream.)  I think there is a huge risk in only listening to one sort of news source, as it is mostly propaganda these days. Seriously,  twisted truth prevails.    A person really has to dig around many sources and hope that what floats to the surface is truth.

Local politics are pretty easy because facts are easier to find.   I feel more confident that I’m voting from a clear stance of what I think we need here in Humboldt and what will bring about that change the best.    State politics get a little trickier and muddier and “Lord, have mercy”, when you begin looking at the Presidential choices.  It all seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors.  The person who I think would do the best job never seems to even make it through the primaries.  It seems like it isn’t ‘what you know’, but ‘who you know’ that wins.

What really bothers me the most though is what appears to be a  widening gap between Democrats  and Republicans.  Perhaps it is accentuated by the manipulation of the top party leaders to make it appear so dangerous if the other team wins that few seem to want to work together and attempt to see the others perspective.  “They are just idiots,” is the nicest sentiment I hear most from both sides.     Maybe moderates need to get more involved and fill the gap.   That’s what I’ve been thinking anyway, but it is hard sticking your neck out.  It is much easier to just feed cows.