While autumn doesn’t officially begin  until Saturday, we felt its presence creeping up on us this morning.  We actually put on coats and turned on our  kitchen heater.   We aren’t quite ready for the rainy season to begin.  Our woodshed is empty….. something about the cobbler’s child not having any shoes or the mechanic’s wife whose car doesn’t run.

When one plays poker they look for little changes in their opponents demeanor that might indicate if they have a good hand or if they are bluffing.   California Buckeye’s might be the tree that has an easy ‘tell’  of the changing seasons.   They are the first  to bud in the spring and the first to shed in autumn.  I believe they’re  the first forest tree to bloom in summer too.    Buckeye’s are a pretty and unique tree in our Humboldt county landscape.

Fall Buckeye

Winter Buckeye

Buckeye Bloom in Summer

Budding Buckeye in Spring