It was difficult transitioning from glorious hiking on the John Muir Trail to life on the ranch.  The ranch is great and we love it, but  often our lives here feel circular, while our hike felt very linear.  Linear as in our progress was easy to see each day as our steps began and ended in a different spot.  Everyday life though, often goes around in circles and progress is difficult to measure as the same things need doing over and over again. Arriving home, after being gone for almost a month,  there was a lot of things we jumped right into doing.  We hardly had a quiet moment.  Cattle were checked, hay was bought and stored, house was cleaned, weeds pulled and thirsty plants watered, etc., etc.  Important tasks to do  even if they weren’t monumental and yet we felt somewhat unsatisfied.

This morning, as we sat in our wood fired hot tub gearing up for another day, an object lesson came to us in the form of a lovely 3 point buck.  He stood very still under the oak in the photo.  Very still, yet alert.  All of his senses taking in his surroundings to gauge, I suppose, whether it was safe to move into our apple orchard for an early morning treat.  ( He did by the way, I guess we passed muster.)  But as we sat very still too, watching his beauty, his strength, his alertness within that body of utmost stillness, we felt very satisfied and the realization came again that success isn’t so much where you go, but in the moments you make note of.   I now don’t think the feeling of success in our hike was so much about going from point A to point B, but it was about everyday, every moment really, a sense of wonder and thanks to be alive.

We will again try to be still in our souls yet alert in our senses.   We will try to harvest the moments that pass by.  While our tasks may be done over and over, each moment as it comes, is fresh.   Happy trails.